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Vision & Mission

Dunlap - Who Are We?

We are a privately held Bahamian company and an affilaite of Dunlap Investments based in Nassau, The Bahamas.

Dunlap Investments was founded by James Vaughan and its diversified assests have been in operation since 1982 and encompass real estate holdings, marina/hotel/restaurant development and operations.  

Now through Dunlap Petroleum we broaden the portfolio to include oil marketing both inside The Bahamas and in the Middle East as well as a Biomass energy project right here in Abaco. See our Spring City Power page on Facebook

Dunlap Petroleum has extensive market insight and experience in the Bahamian energy sector. We advised BEC and now BPL on the privatization and were final round bidders in that process. With the ever changing energy demands of The Bahamas as we shift consumption from high to low sulphur fuels, it's essential to have a local partner to navigate the waters of this island nation to gain valuable insight as an international company seeking to do business here.

We are a Bahamian entity with a strong commitment to our partners and community.

Here at Dunlap Petroleum, we are dedicated to you and all your energy needs.


Our Affiliate Companies

Iraq Petroleum Holding Company

Iraq Petroleum Marketing Company

Expanding beyond simply our petroleum services we are working with global partners to implement a renewable energy development project in The Bahamas.

An energy solution for The Bahamas can mean a combination of oil, gas, liquids and bio fuels working along side each other. Our mission is to educate, inform and help reform our aging energy infrastructure and supply through the formation of a local business with international energy breadth of experience. 

Using a combination of our founders farming background with our finance and energy focus we are promoting the development of a Biomass project to replace the diesel in the generation of power. A green energy source produced by Bahamians for the benefit of Bahamians. 

Dunlap Petroleum - Providing Tomorrow's Energy Solutions Today